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What we Provide

Medical Billing

Precision Healthcare Billing provides Home Health billing and Revenue Management solutions. From RAP to End-of-Episode, our expert team can complete all of your Home Health billing from start to finish.


Our reporting system will help you monitor cash flow, identify claims that need resolution, and maintain accurate accounts receivable. We can upload and post Medicare remittance daily, manage aging reports, and help maintain accurate claim data so you can see exactly where your financial picture is in real time.


We can assist your staff in a consultant capacity to help maintain claims management. We offer process solutions that are tried and tested in real agencies.

Who We Are

Precision Healthcare Billing is a Home Health Billing and Revenue Management company based in Boynton Beach, FL. We have worked in the Home Health sector for over ten years. Our first-hand knowledge and expertise are what separate us from the competition. Unlike our competitors, we are more than just billers. Our team has direct, hands-on experience working in Home Health agencies in multiple capacities. While our main expertise is billing and revenue management, the experience we possess in other facets of Home Health operations is what sets us apart.

For an on-site demonstration of our Home Health Billing and Revenue Management solutions, or more more information, please contact our Managing Director David Eversole
at (561) 926-1625.

Other Services

Does your agency have a billing department in-house? If so, we can assist them in a consultant capacity to help maintain claims management. We offer process solutions that are tried and tested in real agencies. Home Health operations is all about process, we know how each department is instrumental to billing and how their roles all play a part in claim submission. We can analyze your agency’s processes and determine solutions to help you run more efficiently and maximize each team member’s capabilities. Clerical audits are a must for each end of episode claim. We can perform these chart audits to ensure all necessary criteria are met prior to the claim being sent. If we note a discrepancy in a chart, we will notify you of the issue and let you know what action needs to be taken. Our team has reviewed thousands of patient charts and we know exactly what to look for.

Revenue Cycle Solutions

In the ever changing world of Home Health Care, it is paramount that agencies keep their revenue cycle running optimally. Without revenue management it is impossible to run a profitable business. The constant restructuring of Medicare and other payer sources can be confusing and challenging to navigate. That's where PRECISION HEALTHCARE BILLING comes in. With over a decade of experience in PPS and commercial Home Health billing along with revenue management, we are ready and able to help you.

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