In the ever changing world of Home Health Care, it is paramount that agencies keep their revenue cycle running optimally. Without revenue management it is impossible to run a profitable business. The constant restructuring of Medicare and other payer sources can be confusing and challenging to navigate. That's where PRECISION HEALTHCARE BILLING comes in.

With over a decade of experience in PPS and commercial Home Health billing along with revenue management, we are aware of the many challenges in claim submission and reconciliation. A lot of third-party billing companies will send your claims without addressing any issues that may arise. Perhaps they send you an email saying a claim was rejected, but what do they do about it? Most of the time, not enough.

PRECISION HEALTHCARE BILLING is different in how we manage your revenue cycle. Not only will we submit your RAP and Final Claims, but we will fix the issues that are acknowledged the first time! Medicare is annually cutting provider reimbursements and every dollar is vital to the financial health of your agency. Our mission is to provide you with the knowledge that your revenue management is our top priority. We can identify problem claims before they are submitted and correct them prior to billing, rather than wait for them to be rejected or denied outright.

Our billing experts have seen it all and have the expertise and processes in place to ensure your revenue cycle is performing at the highest possible level. We will customize reports to show you how your agency is managing the claims process from beginning to end. Effective revenue management means identifying trends, recognizing issues that are responsible for incorrect or incomplete claims, and addressing them efficiently and accurately.

Many components go into Home Health billing, from the time the patient is admitted all the way until the final claim, there are numerous departments involved throughout. If we see there are administrative or clerical issues holding up your end of episode claims, we will address them with you and help with solutions to correct them. Most outsourced billing companies do not have the experience in an actual agency that we provide. Our team has been in the trenches and seen first-hand how hard every department works in a successful agency. What separates us is the hands-on, day-to-day operational knowledge that can only come from working for an agency in multiple capacities. We have worked with numerous Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems and are experts in Medicare DDE.

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